Riello Multi Sentry Model 120kva UPS


One year warranty on all products, subject to manufacturer’s defect.


This Riello product model is MULTI SENTRY (All without batteries)

NOTICE: Batteries are issued according to customers autonomy. Call +234 902 786 8737 or email us at –  ups@topenergystorage.com  for a quote.

Multi Sentry is a state-of-the-art uninterruptible power supply, achieving the highest possible level of on-line double-conversion performance (VFI-SS-111) as defined within IEC EN 62040-3.

The UPS has been designed to protect critical information and telecommunications systems, networks, services and processes whose operation could be disrupted by poor power quality and/or breaks in their mains power supply.

The sizes available include: 30-40-60-80-100-120-160-200 kVA all with a three-phase input and utput.
The Multi Sentry UPS is one of the most efficient UPS available with a minimal impact on its environment and power sources.


The Multi Sentry design provides exceptional performance and efficiency levels, within a very compact footprint and overall case design:

  • High efficiency up to 96% – saving up to 35% in dissipated energy in one year compared to a more traditional UPS (91%) resulting in a faster payback period of four years.
  • High output power factor which at 0.9pF (1pF for models 160-200 kVA) provides up to 15% ( 20% for models 160-200 kVA) more active power compared to a more traditionally sized UPS – providing greater system expansion margin for further load increases.

Availability: 2000 in stock (can be backordered)



Multi Sentry UPS are easy to install, especially on sites where there is limited power capacity available, a standby generator and potentially harmonic compatibility issues:

  • low input current distortion – less than 2.5%
  • high input power factor 0.99
  • power walk-in function to achieve progressive rectifier start-up
  • delayed start-up on mains power supply return

Multi Sentry also performs the role of a high specification filter, protecting its power supply sources (mains or generator) from any harmonics and reactive power generated by the loads it is powering.


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