Felicity 60w All In One Solar Street Light System LED Lamp


One year warranty on all products, subject to manufacturer’s defect.


IP66 Waterproof Outdoor Security All in one model LED Solar Street Light, Long-term environmental lithium Batteries with overcharge and over discharge protection, more safe and reliable.

Availability: 2000 in stock (can be backordered)



1. Integrated design and source, high capacity LiFePO4 lithium battery, high energy, and long life,
light weights, green and environmental protection, do not produce any harmful substances.
2. Philips LED chip with high light efficiency which can reach 180LM/W,and whole lamp light
efficiency can reach 160LM/W at least
3. All series use MPPT controller which can increase 15%-30% charge efficiency
4. Design with high efficiency solar cell (>22%)
5. Convenient installation and maintenance, no need of cable installation or special light pole,
functional components modular design, installation and maintenance.


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