Panasonic 325w – 12v/24v Mono Solar Panel


One year warranty on all products, subject to manufacturer’s defect.


  • One of the most powerful solar charging kits for vehicles, boats or off-grid power systems, with a 325W monocrystalline solar panel manufactured by PANASONIC – the leading manufacturer of solar panels in the world
  • PANASONIC panels pride themselves on the very best waterproof design and strong aluminium frame of the solar panel for all weather conditions
  • To complete this premium solar kit, a 30A SmartSolar MPPT solar charge controller from the leading brand VICTRON ENERGY is included – designed to extract the maximum power from the solar panel for charging either 12V or 24V battery
  • The kit also comes with 3m of PV solar cable and a fused battery harness to connect to a 12V or 24V battery bank
  • The PANASONIC panel comes with a 25 year manufacturer warranty and the VICTRON ENERGY controller comes with a 5 year product warranty.

Availability: 2000 in stock (can be backordered)

This premium 330W Panasonic monocrystalline solar charging kit is suitable for medium-large off-grid installations. With a solar panel manufactured by the global recognised Panasonic company, and appropriate cables and SmartSolar MPPT controller, this kit is a Midsummer Energy Premium solar kit for powerful charging. In motorhomes, caravans and liveaboard boats, it should be capable of keeping a 12V or 24V battery bank charged with medium-high usage (such as LED lights; TV; water pump; phones/tablets/laptops charging; electrical fridge). Solar Panel Specifications: Peak power Wp 330W Voltage at peak power Vmp: 58V Max open circuit voltage Voc: 69.7V Current at peak power Imp: 5.7A Max short circuit current Isc: 6.07A Weight: 18.5kg Dimensions: 1590 x 1053 x 35 mm Product warranty: 25 years Controller specifications: Nominal system voltage: 12/24V Rated battery/load current: 30A Max. PV open circuit voltage: 100V Max. PV input power: 440W (12V); 880W (24V) Dimensions: 130 x 186 x 70 mm Battery types: Gel, Sealed, Flooded Weight: 1.25 kg Warranty: 5 years The pair of solar cables are 3m in length, terminating in MC4 connectors. The harness is 1 x positive and 1 x negative 1.5m 10mm battery cable with a suitable sized fuse.


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